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Elevated Thai Tea Experience

We proudly collaborate with Sigha Park here in the US to bring you the finest Thai tea. Our mission is to support and help elevated Thai Tea experience alongside you. If you encounter any concerns or inquiries, we are here to provide prompt assistance.

  • We believe in quality

    Discover the distinct taste of Singha Park Thai Tea, crafted from high-grade, top 5, locally grown tea leaves in Thailand. Our goal is to elevated traditional Thai Tea drink by using the best tea leaf to introduce to the world.

  • We support community

    We are buying tea from farmers who grow tea and providing them with the knowledge to increase product quality and support sustainable income for locals.

  • We support sustainability.

    The correct plantation methods will also help preserve the forest and build nature's equilibrium with the community. Village can sustain their livelihood while conserving their beloved forest for future generations.

Thai Tea Mix - 30 bags carton

Singha Park's restaurant grade Thai Tea, 100% tea is grown and produced in Northern Thailand. Case of 30 bags (250 g)

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How to Brew Thai Tea in Bulk

Brew NOT Boil

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